victoria young
victoria young


over a decade at companies that i loved as a consumer and ended up learning (a ton)


Hi, I’m Victoria!

Over the last decade, I’ve been able to travel and work at some really awesome companies, including Netflix, Facebook, Uber, Google, and Disney (seriously, very grateful). When I pull myself out of the overflowing inboxes and back-to-back meetings and reflect on the experience, it’s kind of crazy to have worked on the launches of incredibly defining products of our time, including uberPOOL and Facebook Live. 

There are so many experiences and learnings I’ve shared whenever and wherever I can, but there are lots of people who reach out and limited time in the day. I hadn’t created a scalable way to share my knowledge. **Cue dramatic music** Until now. Navigating your career, building your business, and staying healthy throughout it all is no easy feat. Through tons of trial and error, hard lessons and heartbreak, I’ve put together everything I learned because it’s everything I wish I had guidance on through all these years.

Check out the Programs page to learn more about how you can figure out how to get a job that is aligned with your strengths and how to negotiate the best salary and terms possible. If you’re already in a job you love (or at least want to stay at for a while), I will also help you avoid burnout, find balance, and thrive in your current role after years and years of trial/error (and anxiety spirals and burnout and unnecessary flailing).

Anyway, life is not about clocking in your 9-5, stressing out over e-mails, and doing that on repeat ad infinitum.

It’s about finding your strengths, creating value, working in alignment and integrity, and taking care of your most important asset—your own well-being. How many emails can you answer if you end up at the ER on a Sunday night? How happy will you truly be if you can’t find time to spend with your friends and family? How much wealth can you accumulate just by getting $10,000 raises here and there? This is why I created my A-Team Program. To help people find a smarter way to achieve their goals while living well.

Share your email and click on the button below if that anything I’ve shared makes your soul quiver. (Don’t worry I do not work at Google or Facebook anymore and…you can imagine the privacy joke I could make right about now.)

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Navigating your career and growing your business is hard and can feel overwhelming, even for the highest performers. Join the A-Team Program to learn all about growing your business, negotiating your salary, getting the job you want, and sustaining your performance without losing your wellbeing. Get access to exclusive content based on my experience at Facebook, Netflix, Google, and Uber, as well as a tight-knit community of other like-minded professionals in the space.