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victoria young


over a decade at companies that have launched ground-breaking products


hi! i’m victoria young

growth leader | advisor | speaker | entrepreneur

I’m here to help you drive Growth at your company based on my exact learnings and frameworks from Uber, Facebook, Netflix, Google, and other companies I’ve worked with after I received my training as an MBA from MIT Sloan. Whether you are just starting out in a Product Marketing or Product Growth Manager role at a tech company, a new entrepreneur or  still in college – I’m here to provide you the inspiration, training, and resources you need to level up.

I’ve created a free webinar and tons of other content and resources to support you on your journey to taking your skills and company to the next level. In the The Growth Triangle webinar, you’ll learn the three primary categories to fuel Growth:

  • Connect: Learn Target Matching and audience insights philosophies  from top tech companies

  • Convince: Use hypothesis driven A/B testing, leverage a Messaging Matrix to optimize your efforts

  • Convert: Define your Touchpoint Tango strategy to map out the growth pathway with your audiences

In the Growth Triangle webinar, you’ll learn how to be systematic and data-driven in your growth efforts so you can scale your business as efficiently as possible based on how Uber, Facebook, Google, and other top companies run. 

My goal is to help you up-level your knowledge, get clear on your strategy, and get creative with your thinking and approach so that you can find supercharge growth at your business. Let’s get started!

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Navigating your career and growing your business is hard and can feel overwhelming, even for the highest performers. Join the A-Team Program to learn all about growing your business, negotiating your salary, getting the job you want, and sustaining your performance without losing your wellbeing. Get access to exclusive content based on my experience at Facebook, Netflix, Google, and Uber, as well as a tight-knit community of other like-minded professionals in the space.