I work at the intersection of user behavior, technology, and storytelling, driving changes in how we interact with our world through innovative new products.

I have 10+ years of experience launching new products and entertainment to audiences globally, growing awareness and adoption in industries from entertainment to nonprofits.

My work started in entertainment, including entertainment studios, including Sony, Warner Bros., and Disney, and has expanded to technology, including Uber and Google. Now, I've landed at the intersection of my passions in the space of media technology at Facebook. At Facebook, I lead the launch, growth, and expansion of video products, including Facebook Watch and previously Facebook Live.

Since working at Facebook, I have also become a mentor at Facebook’s Startup Garage for the launch of the Station F program in Paris, where I work with high-growth video-based startup, Welcome To The Jungle to help them scale. 

Previously, at Uber I led the launch of uberPOOL in cities nationwide and the rebrand of UberSelect as an accessible lifestyle brand. I’ve also worked at Google, HubSpot, Disney, JWT Mirium, and other organizations, helping to position, launch, and scale new products, partnerships, and marketing campaigns.

I studied entrepreneurship and innovation at MIT, where I received my MBA and mass media at UCLA, where I double-majored in communications and business. I’m a KPCB Product Fellow, Martin Trust Entrepreneurship Community Fellow, and on the Next Gen Board of The Young Storytellers, a nonprofit dedicated using the techniques of mentoring, collaboration, and performance to provide public school students with an opportunity to write stories and see them brought to life on stage and film.

I am always learning something new every day, whether it's reading a new Audible book or trying a new Ayuverdic recipe. I’m affectionately known as the team equivalent of the “Christmas tree”.

I love visiting and experiencing the culture of places of different countries around the world - flying keeps me grounded. I also love connecting with new people so find me on Twitter or Instagram

Visiting Facebook's office in Paris as a Startup Garage Station F Mentor

Visiting Facebook's office in Paris as a Startup Garage Station F Mentor