Get The Job You Want

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Job-hunting can feel stressful, demoralizing, and like you have zero control. It doesn’t have to feel as overwhelming or challenging. This is a concise, effective program that will teach you how to feel in control and land your dream job at a top company.

By the end of the program, you will have clarity around your strengths, a revamped resume, networking strategy, and new leads ready to turn into your next career move.

The program is designed for anyone all over the world to learn how to build a career they love job-by-job and perfect the skills and mindset needed to continue to succeed.

I designed this program based on my experience interviewing and getting offers from companies like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Uber and startups and wanted to help others be able to get take it to the next level in their career as well. Learn the process:

  • Clarify: Get crisp on your strengths, working style, and ideal environments

  • Research: Be the most prepared interview candidate in the pipeline

  • Approach: Identify and connect with the right people

  • Create: Stand out with thoughtful, creative approaches in the interview process

  • Engage: Interviewing and following up with grace

What you’ll get:

  • Concise, effective workbooks to help you get clear on your strategy

  • The presentations and examples I created for my interviews at Netflix, Facebook, and Uber

  • Strategy for reaching out to the right people

  • Personal, no B.S. videos walking you through each step of the process, including example interview Q and A

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