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IT’S Lovely to meet you

My goal is to help you navigate your career and build your skillset based on my experiences at Uber, Facebook, Netflix, Google, and other companies I’ve worked with after I got my MBA from MIT Sloan.

Whether you are just starting out in a Product Marketing or Product Growth Manager role at a tech company, a new entrepreneur or  still in college – I’m here to provide you guidance, coaching, mentorship, and training.

When I first started out in Consumer Tech, it was daunting to figure out what role made the most sense for me, which companies were the best fit, and how I could even land the jobs that I was thinking about. Having gone through the gauntlet multiple times to get offers from Google, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and Facebook, I know how challenging and rewarding the experience can be. Working in tech has transformed my perspective, thinking, and approach toward life in so many ways and I’m here to pay it forward.

My goal is to help you up-level your knowledge, get clear on your strategy, and get creative with your thinking and approach.

I’ve created a free webinar to share my experiences in tech and provide advice on figuring our your career path. You can also book a mentoring call with me after you complete the webinar. Can’t wait to meet you and help you on your journey!

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Job-hunting can feel stressful, demoralizing, and like you have zero control. It doesn’t have to feel as overwhelming or challenging. This is a concise, effective program that will teach you how to feel in control and land your dream job at a top company.

By the end of the program, you will have clarity around your strengths, a revamped resume, networking strategy, and new leads ready to turn into your next career move.

The program is designed for anyone all over the world to learn how to build a career they love job-by-job and perfect the skills and mindset needed to continue to succeed.

I designed this program based on my experience interviewing and getting offers from companies like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Uber and startups and wanted to help others be able to get take it to the next level in their career as well. Learn the process:

  • Clarify: Get crisp on your strengths, working style, and ideal environments

  • Research: Be the most prepared interview candidate in the pipeline

  • Approach: Identify and connect with the right people

  • Create: Stand out with thoughtful, creative approaches in the interview process

  • Engage: Interviewing and following up with grace

What you’ll get:

  • Concise, effective workbooks to help you get clear on your strategy

  • The presentations and examples I created for my interviews at Netflix, Facebook, and Uber

  • Strategy for reaching out to the right people

  • Personal, no B.S. videos walking you through each step of the process, including example interview Q and A

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This program is a no B.S. to-the-point overview of all the core components of driving growth in your business, from research through A/B testing execution.

By the end of the program, you will have a system and process by which you can build and present your growth strategy, with templates and worksheets to guide you.

The program is designed for those building a business with a digital component and features up-to-date, detailed examples for anyone in the world to access.

I designed this program based on my experience at companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Uber and startups to help others apply the same thinking and approach to grow their businesses.

  • Audience: Understand and identify the most valuable users for your business

  • Messaging: Break through with targeted, crisp messaging

  • Creative: Develop ground-breaking, eye-catching creative

  • Launch: Run a tight ship of cross-functional partners and moving pieces for a smooth launch

  • Insights: Interpret data within context to find golden nuggets to accelerate growth

What you’ll get:

  • Templates and frameworks for topic

  • Case study videos talking through real examples for each category

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Money, money, money - it’s often a subject that gives people a lot of anxiety (myself included). That’s why I created this program to help you negotiate your salary as you’re transitioning jobs to maximize what you’re able to get.

By the end of the program, you will have created your personal script and strategy based on your own style and needs.

The program is designed for people who are looking to get paid top-of-market and learn how to negotiate about one of the most sensitive topics at work.

I designed this program based on my experience negotiating my salary at companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Uber and startups to help others achieve the same results.

It’s possible to quadruple your salary across different companies over a few years, if you are thoughtful with your approach. After taking a course from a hostage negotiator (yes) who teaches at MIT and Harvard, I’ve learned how to use patience, pause, and information to find the best deal for both parties. Learn the process:

  • Research: Why benchmarks and data points are your best friend

  • Style: How to say it in a way that feels authentic and true to you

  • Emotions: How to manage your anxiety and feelings around worth, money, and power dynamics

  • Communication: What to say to help shift the other party’s thinking

  • Close: How to gracefully land on a deal that is great for both parties

What you’ll get:

  • Workbooks to help you establish your communication style

  • Case study videos talking through example salary negotiations

  • Email and script templates for what to say and how to handle the most common scenarios

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Getting your dream job is the first step, managing the stress and anxiety that comes with up-levelling yourself in your career and taking on more responsibility is another challenge unto itself. Your mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being is a crucial foundation to have for sustained high-performance.

The program is designed for anyone who has felt overwhelmed, dis-engaged, and physically unhealthy from all the stress, travel, and time spent at work.

By the end of this program, you’ll know the tools you can access at any point throughout your day. The program will teach you the process to understand, reprogram, and design a system of scaffolding to support yourself as you push to be a high-performer.

  • Understand: Identify your biggest sources of anxiety  

  • Reprogram: Shift the mental dialogue that is unproductive

  • Design: Put in place systems that will lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle 

What you’ll get:

  • Worksheet to help you identify the thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that are preventing you from moving past anxiety 

  • Meditation to help reprogram thoughts/beliefs that no longer are functional for your performance

  • Full well system and schedule 

  • Product and service recommendations